News: Best of 2011

Written by Mathys van Abbe on December 22nd 2011 at 18:23 CET.

The year once again comes to an end.

And what a year it has been for us.

Moby grew and grew. Our APIs are used in over 1300 different applications. We got users and visitors in over 233 different countries (I thought there were only 192, but not according to Google Analytics).

With the holidays coming up (not for us because we’re working on some really cool MobyNow platforms for FC Ajax and the Top Notch label) it is time for our annual Christmas card!

This personalized card highlights your top 5 most loved shared adventures of 2011.

For me these were:

1. January 7th

The moment  during 50th birthday party of Erwin Blom, where  @erwblo together with Tender we’re playing the guitar while @pipblom (age 14) sang a really nice cover of a Gorillaz song. Mom @daalder was filming the thing of course. I actually ripped the audio for a small slideshow about me an my kids a few weeks later. (of course thanking the Blom family in the credits)

views: 2048 

2. February 17th – “great shot #mobyteam #bowlr (by @marlooz) (

Bowlr. The annual fun media event which we sponsored with the  MobyNow platform. This years theme was New Kids, which is like the closest you can get to a trailer trash community theme in The Netherlands. Hence my great moustache. This is the Moby Team picture whih of course was interesting enough to retweet over and over again.

views: 1751

3. May 2nd – “history according to photohop #osama” (NSFW

They got him. Osama got foud and killed and the “evidence” started started to circulate the web. Pretty soon we once again experienced people are good with Photoshop.

views: 2528

4. January 15th – “new integration on MobyNow I’m about to announce at #esns11″ (

I presented MobyNow at the Eurosonic festival in Groningen. MobyNow was about half a year old and the results were impressive. MobyNow continues to evolve into a versatile platform, I often compare it to a social open WordPress. We integrate withall the major open platforms and today I announced some new modules at the event. In he second week of 2012 we’ll launch the new TopNotch platform which is totally powered by MobyNow and a few weeks ago we launched <- read more about that if you’re interested here). views 2050 

5. October 8th – “briljant” (

Steve died :( May he rest in peace.

views: 2634[yourusername]/bestof2011

Oh, below the card there are the share, like and +1 buttons… use em if you wish to share your year!

Please tell us the stories behind your top 5 below in the comments, that is inspiring for all of us and lets you reminisce 2011.

We wish you a great 2012!

The Moby Team