News: Moby webupload: webcam, multi files and choose your destinations

Written by Mathys van Abbe on January 20th 2012 at 11:18 CET.

Today we’re launching our new web uploader.
It is the first section we’re launching with our new look and feel!

We gathered a lot of feedback about that page by users all around the world and added some nice options.Webcam

You can directly take pictures with your webcam as of now, nice for your daily mugshot or participation in contests or memes!

Multi uploader

We already had a multi uploader, but the new one lets you edit titles and description for individual postings.

Choose destinations

For each upload you can select the destinations. This means you can decide if the picture has to go to all your social sites or just a selection.

For each posting you can choose where it will be sent.

Thanks @dim, @photojeanique, @dutchessje, @gersonveenstra, @johanderowan, @daansip, @remco72 and @molislaegers for testing and your helpful feedback.

Show your Moby love by posting a picture of you with hashtag #mobycam to try the webcam upload!