News: Mobypicture for desktop

Written by Mathys van Abbe on March 6th 2012 at 16:24 UTC.

At Mobypicture our mission is to help users share their adventures as easy and context rich as possible.
We don’t care what client you are using, whether you’re using iPhones or Androids, Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook or if you’re on Sprint or Verizon.

We know you just want to share your adventures with your friends.
You can use Moby anyway you like to achieve that goal. You can post using your favorite Twitter app selecting Mobypicture as your image or video service. You can use Moby from more than 1400 apps, even within Instagram and any of our native apps.

Today we’re giving birth to a new member of the Moby family: Mobypicture for desktop!

This app provides you with the easiest way to share to your favorite social sites and all the MobyNow platforms directly from your computer:

1. drag, drop ‘n share

2. screen capturing

3. web cam postings

“it’s amazing!”  – Sophie op den Kamp – The Next Web Conference, MD

4. file select

5. right-click copy to your clipboard

It is an Air app so it works on both Mac and Windows, it runs in the background, and of course it’s FREE! Get it now and of course share it with your friends!