Moby loves Nokia users!

If you have a Nokia phone it is really easy to use Mobypicture!

Post using Share Online
Point your phone to:

You will be asked to download a configuration file for Share Online. Save it to your phone and open it.
After Mobypicture has been added as a provider in Share Online, you need to enter your username and pin. ( you can set your PIN at your account page )

Post using Lifeblog
Lifeblog needs to be configured manually. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open Lifeblog on your phone
  • Go to: “Options” -> “Settings” -> “Blog”
  • Go to: “Options” -> “New account”

You will be asked for the following information:

  • Account name: Mobypicture
  • Username: <mobypicture username here>
  • Password: <mobypicture pin here>
    You can set your PIN at your account page
  • Server address:
  • Internet access point: Choose the method you desire to transfer your media over
  • Optimise images: Choose an appropriate size for sending your photos

After completing these settings you can use Nokia Lifeblog with Mobypicture!