#SECFootball..it's nothing like it...this is not up for debate nor discussion... @SEC_Logo #LSU #LetsGeaux  @LSUfball
@Dj_BluChippa did u see this?!? Lol ok that's it...no more...I'm done...
 “@CocaineeCAKES: Beyonce would have never became popular if Ashanti didn't die in that plane crash idc idc idc not up for debate.”
♬ 'Certainly' - Erykah Badu ♪ do people still tweet music or naw?
So I get on twitter...to see this RTd on my TL...this troll has over 69,000 followers, butt ass naked in her avi, foul mouthed and has the nerve to disrespect the deceased...
I know one thing...  @Terry_225 got one mo' time to send me this pic in response to my texts!! **rolls eyes #Strumpet
#BleedGreen #KeepFighting #Boston #Celtics #DoOrDie
***peeks around the corner at my TL...***exits stage left...
♬ 'Next Lifetime' - Erykah Badu ♪I'm gon' look for You♫
♬ 'Bag Lady' - Erykah Badu ♪
♬ 'Certainly' ♪ this CD is Classic...♬but you tried to get a little tricky...turned my back n slipped me a Mickey...♬
♬ 'Orange Moon' - Erykah Badu♬Many Nights He was alone...His Light was too Bright so he turned away♬
♬ 'After the Love Has Gone' - Earth, Wind & Fire ♪
If You don't Have this in your bathroom...You are soooooo Missing out...This is a Bathgasm waiting to happen!!
@BeautyandAGeek these were my Shoes from Last night...
Got the email notification today..."We've Missed U Kesh Kesh
Sooooooo Someone feels I'm THIS important to create a FAKE twitter account in my Honor...
It's a Beautiful Day!!! I think I will Take a Long Walk Around the Park BEFORE Dark...♬ 'A Long Walk' - Jill Scott ♪
RT @DeltaEtaTreDAWG @5ShadeZofBlu I been chillin soakin my feet in canola oil where u been? Lol~~Sir have Several Seats
Bout to do it up for the Birthday...who's coming???
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wee wee wee wee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
@HoneyBee_83 ha!! Tell me Bout it!!  Here this is for U!!

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