About 40 minutes before I have to go on stage. Ready-to-go
Almost there. I hope. Car sick. Fuck
Dinner tonight...any ideas/recipes?
Let's just say...wow...
Retropop let's go! PrrrrAaaah
Dinnertime!  After that, Retropop. C'mon
MakeUp/hair/nails done. I'm ready to go.
Life is good  ;-)  #chilling
Everything Irie
So good.
So far...
Here we go
OMG....a bugg!! Quick kill it.......KILL IT!!  KILL IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT !!!!!
 . @campuspop_UT  on my way!
Inside me there's a skinny girl screaming to get out. So I shut her up with this..
I'm sorry, it's not so much that I'm a hater, it's more of the fact that I'm a music lover  #byebye
Stop sending me all this crap, Universal Music!!!!  #keepyourshit
Omg my neighbours are arguing (YELLING), and yes, I wanna listen  :-)
I plan to finish this one. So far so good
OMG!!!  Ik ben gangster
WOW!! Finally it has arrived! Thank you  PORSCHE for giving me a car, just because your my biggest fan :-)
My light has been turned on :-)   #happinessonline
Everytime I ate sushi, I can't help but feeling guilty..
Me and Morrison flying to Sweden :-)

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