O ya :)  @bassnectar live at @SurrenderVegas
People watching on the #lasvegas strip
Time flys when ur standing still
Ok now everybody .....
This is what happens sometimes when I'm board at 4am wide awake  :^{)
Yep 4 seconds riding mechanical bull.

Not my thing but I tried
A little @bassnectar to start the day before filming :)
I dedicate this song to @Zak_Bagans @NickGroff_ :)
Can't get enough of this song lately
#bigsteppin impossible but I tried
I love it when u walk past the demo speaker room at a store & they're playing #tron :)
Just a @Skrillex Sunday night :)
Just a @Skrillex Sunday night in #vegas  @SurrenderVegas :)
Just a @Skrillex Sunday night :)
Just a @Skrillex Sunday night :)
If u missed the @ENews clip of us @GhostAdventures then here u go :) watch this
It's 9am & I had to trim my noggin. Probably not smart when Im still asleep in my mind. Coffee need to kick in fast lol

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