"No I do believe in apolog, uh… I don't know, I'll think. Can I think!" #NeverTrump
Hi @BrenFosterReal,

Here's @TVdub "kung fu fighting" @jockosims in our @TheLastShipTNT's @WonderCon panel. 

Hi @WestWingReport:

"Climate Change", the correct pronunciation:
Hi @MartinOMalley, please pronounce "Climate Change" correctly! TY #CNNTownHall
@CharleytheRaven https://twitter.com/AdamBaldwin/status/675765454829318147

Happy Birthday @ZacharyLevi!

via @NathanFillion, @seamusdever, @Jon_Huertas and yours truly:
It's a party atmosphere in the House during the #Cromnibus vote.
MT @reason “Paris Climate Confab Preview: Culmination or Crack-Up?” https://t.co/zpXn3F4ElW
The proper prounciation of the term “climate change.”
Lanny Davis exonorates GWB on Iraq war:
Stacy Mitchhart!
@ShawnBannon BLNT!

@LAtrainer1 Is Batman!
Smoke 'em if you got 'em! 

#TheLastShip Panel Preview!


#TheLastShip @Oculus_Rift Activation!

#FFS Caltrans! Blocking four lanes for grafitti mitigation?!
Video: @peta's commie chanters H8 foie gras! ~
Regretfully missed Col. @KurtSchlichter’s #caring50 bash last night! Please join me in honoring this Great American:
Morning Glory! 

"Do NOT be pointing that over here, I will break that! What is your major malfunction?!" -
#Ebola sample:
"Smoke On The Water." -

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