@SplashMan Twitter seems twattered - was trying to send this via echofon:
Aside from that - aren't these super?
@scatterkeir Ah, the Newley years! Hmmm. Some germs there, I guess. These are the best ones, IMHO:
@scatterkeir I guess you were as bemused/confounded by this, as I was, as a teen:
Now listening to Toy, the 'lost' Bowie album
@drurylaine Ram's head:
@drurylaine Ram's head
My favourite s*am email of the month. It's like the Burroughs / Bowie cut-up thing.
Bless @TheFagCasanova for this old favourite. I went along with it for a while
Beautiful. Right up there with Byron.
@HairyMcFairy Raspberries, peaches and dream topping. It wasn't too bad, actually.
Smashing BBQ/pit fire night next door. Ace food, booze, puff 'n' giggles.... Just what the doctor ordered
@gavinfridaynews Sure, hope you can see it okay:
Within the skirts of my window's frame, the haunted shirt waits to scare
This is just beautiful. Liz Harris, aka Grouper. #musicmonday
Palaver Lamp
Need some new kitchen stools, not sure what to go for
@LavaLeaMentoll Yay! It's ace, it looks like a magazine rack
You know Bungle from Rainbow? Did you know his mum is human?

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