Hey you guys!!! Anyone wanna donate to the "I needs these hats" fund?? #starwars
Good morning and happy Saturday! I just woke up. :-P
As much as I dislike hickeys, I'm actually proud of these. Thankful for makeup & turtlenecks. #ladyinthestreets
Whoa! Hey new followers!!
Happy Anniversary to my braces!! One year later. #braceface
First blunt in I-couldn't-tell-you-how-long! #girlswhosmokeweed #motivatedstoner
Yay!!! Just picked them up from my PO Box!!! I can't wait to wear them!!! I've never owned red shoes before!!
Me and my sister last night, pregaming at the bar next to the show. Last night was amazing!
My retarded attempt at saying hello. <3
My sister and I on our way to the party-bus-rendezvous point to finish getting ready.
I had fun tonight. :-)
Good morning. It's snowy out and I slept soooo good!
Watching porn on my phone in the living room with Bad Boys on the tv & people eating dinner in the kitchen.
Relaxing after a hard day. Leave me love on MFC!! I need it... <3 profiles.myfreecams.com/AngelPierce #drained
Happy Sunday! #goodmorning
Snack time!
I may not have a penis but I know what throbbing feels like. Throbbing and wet in white cotton panties.
My ass is so fat I could only fit half of one cheek. Kidding. I’m going to sleep now finally. Besos! Xo
The best kind of friend encourages & contributes to sexual & emotional satisfaction. Gifts from two of the best!
#TittyTuesday #pink #bra #cleavage #plaid
If I tied my shirt the way it should fit under the bust, it might cause a disturbance #bigboobproblems #TittyTuesday
I’m loving my new waterproof case!! Next purchase is gonna be the @GoPro Hero2 with waterproof case. #nsfw #shower

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