when did you start watching Rush Hour?
Don't you mean "Four Fathers?"
Beware the vicious dog!
Ewww, DC & Marvel?
@BillSchulz May I make a suggestion?
I'm really going to miss #DailyDana.  Hilarious comment about Danica Roem.
@BillSchulz #MorninBill got its first celebrity endorsement from @LaurenSivan
@BillSchulz I've quoted this way too often to be healthy.
@Lobbanlhp My fav scene with PSH is when they all about the same shirt & Scotty's was too small.
May I suggest a course of action?
@BillSchulz After Tuesday's show. #MorninBill
I have one thing to say about #WomenBoycottTwitter
I never say "sick burn", but @SarahHuckabee that was a sick burn.
Don't forget "Porch."

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