Thought I'd take a chance and put relish on my hot dogs tonight.
Then don't.  Follow the wonderful advice of the gorgeous Anne Bancroft.
Two obvious responses

1) Bull Durham
2) Jim Halpert
What really happened at the #Starbucks. It's universal people. You want to loiter at a restaurant?  Buy something first and you can stay as long as they don't need the seats.

But you have to buy something first.  Then you're a paying customer.
Proof that Wakandans want to be cheerleaders.
Just for you.
Took me a while.

Finish Fury?
Here's Mara Liasson being a smug liberal jackass.  No Mara, if the "good guy with the gun" is a 1,000 feet away, then is "a good guy with a gun" really there?
Know why @ESPN keeps losing subscribers & viewers? They keep pushing out cheap racist claims like this. On @PTI @RealMikeWilbon takes a cheap shot at @IngrahamAngle.  Laura used to clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
More lies.  "It is much more effective at killing a lot of people ALL AT ONCE."

"That's why you see it's the guns of choice (AR15) in mass shootings."  Another lie.

He knows better but still lies.
This is a perfect example of liberal logic.

"'Temporarily' taking guns away...  We HAVE ALREADY dozens of times prevented these things from happening.  You just don't know for sure." 

I'm in favor of reporting the at risk mentally ill to the authorities, but don't lie dude.
Riveting footage of the competition finals @iowahawkblog
Live video feed
Actual live footage of Rosco leaving his crate
Guess who became a lifelong Martha McSally fan after watching this? @RepMcSally @TuckerCarlson
There has been a memorable scene and I think it captured the true horror.

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