is this too much camel toe?
looking all innocent before i shoot bondage porn :)
thank u for the adorable animal hood and paws xoxoo
my room mates doggie loves me more
yumy sushi at asako sushi.
trying to find clothes that will fit over my bum
hehe it says condom
hanging out poolside. can u dig?
attemped to upload this last nite. house still has xmas lights up and on
taken by a spy just b4 i kicked his butt :)
scrapping til my knuckles bleed...yeah was from velcro
im reposting this one since twitpix deleted all my old stuff. wigs rule
check out this sexy lighter some babe got me
good night tweeps, heres a come eff me look for u to wack off to xoxo. taken just b4 aiden starr put a pink dil in me bum
i got latex chalk on my tootsies
in btween sets thinking of my tweeps
outfit for today latex whoot
toes are painted and ready for photos
oh thank u for the itunes gift card ill have to figure out a way to take pix w it could get interesting
abs on cam
on webcam now
post workout swoll
just b4 my back and bicep workout today
whats in your gym bag? oh you know...high heels and mma gloves...the usual

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