I could watch this tool execute my turing machines for hours 😎
Not sure what's going on here for example.
Can't unsee this animation anymore when dismissing the control center on iPhone X  😥
I've been experimenting with React Native over Christmas. From zero to a real App Builders 2018 app in a few days. Cool stuff! ⚡️
Just add a black bar at the top of your wallpaper to get this animation. Thanks Springboard!
Reloading a page in `SFSafariViewController` pushes empty pages to the stack. cc: @rmondello 
Played with ARKit for 1 hour this morning. Here is a pretty accurate distance measurement app. Crazy stuff.
🖲 HapticButton, a button that triggers via 3D Touch with an haptic feedback is now on GitHub. As seen in Home app! 
Finally in Xcode 9 you don't have to fight the tools anymore. Select a word to embed it into opening and closing quotes! ⚡️
Best feature of Xcode 9: finally opening a String literal automatically closes it! 🎉
@SlackHQ Are you aware of this very annoying bug when writing a "è" character in Slack for Mac?
I've been working on a Speech Recognition tutorial in iOS 10 and it's pretty cool stuff. Data detectors in UITextView are equally awesome!
Here is a demo of the issue. Is this a known bug? Any workaround? cc: @jckarter
Secretly is now available! An iMessage app to keep prying eyes away from your messages! 👀❌
Wow, ask Siri to “open notes“ and it opens @NotesWatch!
.@ManuCH Just recorded another video and it works.
What could cause the sound of this video to be like this? Recorded with my iPhone yesterday :(
#Hyperlapse of my cat cleaning herself. So funny.
Still attaching a logo on the front

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