Someone put my baby in a magazine please! #modelbaby #GTO #independence #july4th #babymodel
Someone put my baby in a magazine please! #modelbaby #GTO #independence #july4th #babymodel
Happy half birthday to our sweet girl! Amelia Wren is 6montus old today!  @JUSTIN_KEYES and I couldn't love you more
Sitting outside with my beautiful girl enjoying this day :)
Our first Christmas photos :)
First look at our lil pumpkin! Prayers for a good report this morning!! Praise God for all her improvements
Crib is all ready for #BabyKeyes grand arrival. Custom bedding turned out great :)  #AmeliaWren #nursery #Babygirl
Happiest HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man of my dreams @JUSTIN_KEYES!! I love you more than words can say!
First day of our Third Trimester. Things are getting busy at the Keyes house preparing for Baby Amelia
We made our first big purchase for baby girl today, got her crib ordered :)))
Saturday morning snuggles with  @JUSTIN_KEYES and the furbabies
Baby Keyes is a girl!!! Welcome to the family Amelia Wren #babykeyes #itsagirl  @GigiKeyes @JUSTIN_KEYES @SprouseHouse
We just can't keep this secret any longer!!! #babykeyes
Oh what's this pic? It's just my ginger skin cuz I was stuck inside at work all day :(
#thrillbilly #hatersgon'hate #k5  #RednecksWithPaychecks #RWP #keyesklan #mud #muddin #4x4 #paytoplay
Got #thrillbilly loaded up and headed to #RednecksWithPaychecks with @JUSTIN_KEYES in St Jo Texas #RWP #K5 #keyesklan
My face riding to work today
At dawn we ride! If I have to go to work in this mess I ride in style! Thanks  @JUSTIN_KEYES and  @GigiKeyes
Just picked up my #advocare #24daychallenge
He proposed 3 yrs ago today on his parents anniversary :) So happy to have a man who loves me and everyone I love.
My #mcm! Although he acts like a child most the time, @JUSTIN_KEYES knows my heart :) #beardman
Christmas is officially all packed up! All except the big gold wreaths. My attic is beginning to resemble  @GigiKeyes
Wreath transformation compliments of @GigiKeyes.  #ilovegooold
Pretty porch, indoor/outdoor trees, candles.... Twinkle in the night

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