@QueenKika This is a Frank (cc @3seawarrior47 )
This is Frank’s clacking lobster #villagelife
Mouse learning her name #smittenkitten
@grapevine_art They’re a lovely little family
I have done a ridiculous amount of gardening today, sat & chatted with @hindolhowie and bought a glitterball
@markescapes @HindolvestonVH @MrWingateLondon It is sooo amazing in the sunshine
@sunny_hundal @TreacleToo Bron Cat does that (or a variation). #highfive
@Chibilou They choose you sometimes. It was very like that with Bron, who was very wild. Blythe came for the ride
@MDWordsmith oriental tendencies called Bron. That takes some sorting out :)
@TotalGreek @CatsProtection But sometimes he gets bored. He is a CPL cat btw :)
@CatsProtection That’s exactly what he does, very clever boy. See

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