Genna was worried she might fall asleep on the drive home. I am a good friend.
This is a good day.
I just incredible hulked the shut out of our shower head.
Just ordered more.
You've got to be fucking kidding me.
@sarahluckey This is what happens when you decide not to party. You burn.
Chug, bunny Chris.
We like to party. We like, we like to party.
I also ran a few km.
Turning the fryers back on for beer snacks.
Mini cupcakes all up in my mouth.
There is a huntsman up in the corner of my room, too high to capture or spray. #pleasedontcrawlonme #simplerequest
I look shit-hot.  #mattswedding
Man sized jenga. The 5th buck's game I've suggested would be better with strippers, somehow.  #mattsbucks
Storing accidentally opened banana, Marinating a banana, Banana transportation? #thingsmattowns  #mattsbucks
We own more wine glasses than we know people.  #newhouse
@paaants That's what's up.
I'm wondering if my younger self could see how I'm living at the moment would they be severely disappointed or unfazed.
Someone brought a dragon lizard.

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