Saturday night we airbrushed #GingerbreadK9 with silver. From the head you can see I haven't been neat with the icing. #LIWho
#GingerbreadK9 getting a coat of color for #LIWho
We have NEVER had a knife break.
Glasses out of #GingerbreadK9 base!
This year I am NOT leaving the support glasses inside #GingerbreadK9
The first pieces of #GingerbreadK9 are baked! I might assemble today, or closer to #LIWho.
#GingerbreadK9 is based on @Dalek_Nigel 's K9 schematics.
Ready to bake #GingerbreadK9 Mark 2. Yes, last year's pattern pieces!
Brilliant! Lemon water ice floated in an aviation cocktail. /cc @HotWaterBath
Gluten-free hoagie
Step 1 of a gingerbread K-9 for # LIWho: the dough
The crystalized ginger wasn't chopping, wasn't chopping. I looked away for two minutes, and now I have paste. Into the honey it goes!
Baking with pre-teens, exhibit 2: New techniques in whisking
Baking with pre-teens, exhibit 1:
Ornamental kohlrabi?
Green Flash West Coast IPA & Victory Dirt Wolf, both doubles, both taste like perfume poured I to beer.
Kid's school has chickens, and we got our first egg yesterday!
Confession: I'm a label peeler.
Ja Baby!
Friday dinner is Rieker's Weißwurst, Tastkakes, and beer. Very Philly German!
Dinner at Opa. While the kid's away, the parents play!
Andes mints is very proud that they are produced with generic engineering.
When you run out of Tom Collins glasses, you make do with 0.3 L Slovakian beer glasses.
At the @PHSgardening UCity pop-up:

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