Ornamental kohlrabi?
Green Flash West Coast IPA & Victory Dirt Wolf, both doubles, both taste like perfume poured I to beer.
Kid's school has chickens, and we got our first egg yesterday!
Confession: I'm a label peeler.
Ja Baby!
Friday dinner is Rieker's Weißwurst, Tastkakes, and beer. Very Philly German!
Dinner at Opa. While the kid's away, the parents play!
Andes mints is very proud that they are produced with generic engineering.
When you run out of Tom Collins glasses, you make do with 0.3 L Slovakian beer glasses.
At the @PHSgardening UCity pop-up:
Ever seen a frozen egg?
We call them peanut butter #hashtags
Signs your co-workers really GET you.
With that split I'll never make it to #GBBO, but Jake is thrilled with choco swirl brioche.
Weeknight baking! Blue corn muffins with grated cheese, roasted pablanos, and pine nuts.
Starting to restock the fridge after defrosting to remove the ice dam blocking air flow.
my cousin's cat!
Kid also baked his first loaf of bread with me (and a friend):
The first food cooked entirely by my son.
What year is it again? No wonder the flour smells dusty. Blech!
They sent a tiny premeasured bag of flour and tiny, premeasured cup of mayo, just in case, but assumed we had oil.
Guess who's trying out Blue Apron?
Drizzle with olive oil, the recipe said.
Final cake!

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