Polly and Wolfie make friends at last
Our #photography doing its bit for the supermarkets...
Snuck out in between shots today and found this in the room next door
Us on lake Windermere last Sunday, as seen by  @tombabylon
Getting soft in my old age
@SewHQ set building at @CliQQphoto Looks great but I wouldn't sit on it...
Framed on the wall of unnamed pub... Why advertise this??!!
Yes it's nerdy, but I've wanted this #Hasselblad lens for ages. Now it's mine!
Couple of nice little #profoto backup lights arrived this morning to add to the collection
Laura Garrett from Nevs being made up by Vicky Barnes http://j.mp/rm6BlW
Preparing former #britainsnexttopmodel winner Lauren Macvoy for a jewellery shoot.
Styling jewellery for a Xmas shoot on #MakeJewellery magazine
And there you have it. #dotcomgiftshop
Team @craftsbeautiful hard at work shooting ribbon for #dotcomgiftshop
Great new ways to customise your #Mac
Small sneak peek of shot from today's shoot with  @freddymylovee Taken 5 mins ago, no retouching. Hair n slap by  @rosielovestilly  #togs
Working with the dream team today... Hot model  @freddymylovee and hair/makeup guru  @rosielovestilly  #togs
Potentially a very expensive slapstick moment...
The #LumiQuest Softbox. My new best friend and good pal to all #wedding #photographers
Our illustrious presenter Abbie Southern, waiting for me to point a TV camera at her. we're not actually building a noose behind her
Today's training out of the way. Stinker of a headwind on that there sea wall.
Six hens now getting to know each other. Will try not to feed them to a fox this time.

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