21 Aug 2014 02:20

I (grudgingly) accepted the #icebucketchallenge. I nominate Dave and  

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posted by ladyeeyore53 Kane 21 Aug 2014 06:58

I love it, you are such a good sport, I did the challenge also and also donated to the cause. It is nice to see you outside your "work" genre and with your family in the background. I will miss you come December, I have been watching you for all of the 10 years you have been on and caught a show of yours in NY in Oct 2013 (hysterical) I get the moving on part, but I will still miss you. I will await your new shows though. You have made me laugh and cry for so many years. Good luck in your new venture.

posted by sgjs2014 21 Aug 2014 04:24

I love how your kid is laughing in the background while your doing this. Your such a classy chap to take on this challenge. I knew there was a reason your my favorite comedian.

posted by ShadyNeutron 21 Aug 2014 04:15

Craigy please please do a week of shows in one more wonderful place before you leave

posted by Anya_Sunny_ 21 Aug 2014 03:10

Craig Ferguson so cool video and no one comments here? Ok, I'll be first)

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Mostly harmless.

I (grudgingly) accepted the #icebucketchallenge. I nominate Dave @attell and @bobsaget
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