Check out these 1930s mugshots from a police identification book
The punishment for a sex crime conviction in Utah can be severe, and many crimes have minimum mandatory sentences.
Here's your #StupidCriminal of the day!
3 Reasons You Must Hire an Attorney When Accused of a Sex Crime
We recommend not lying about a crime to cover up an affair.... #StupidCriminal
We recommend not commenting on your wanted Facebook post... #StupidCriminal
If you are accused of reckless driving in Utah, do not assume that the prosecutor will go easy on you.
You'd have to eat a LOT of beer battered fish to get pulled over for a DUI. #StupidCriminal
Contact the professional sex crime defense attorneys Wasatch Defense Lawyers today for your free consultation.
If you have been charged with driving recklessly, call Wasatch Defense Lawyers at 801.845.3494 today for a no-obligation case review.
3 Things That Make a Sex Crime a Federal Offense
Did you know that Wasatch Defense Lawyers offer a military discount? If you need legal defense, call us today!
Sodomy Criminal Defense Lawyer in Utah
If you have been charged with or arrested for any crime involving child pornography in Utah, don't wait.
Child pornography crimes are considered second-degree felonies and punishable by imprisonment and fines.
A sex crime charge can have a serious impact on your life. Don't wait to find a lawyer. If you're facing sex crime charges, call Wasatch NOW!
Remember even those who are falsely accused should hire a lawyer to ensure that their rights are protected throughout the entire legal process.
#StupidCriminal steals a package from Utah porch with a camera doorbell.
If you've been charged with a white collar crime, don't wait. Call Wasatch Defense NOW!
We recommend not robbing an MMA gym. #StupidCriminaloftheWeek
Choose the experts at Wasatch Defense Lawyers if you've been charged with a crime!
If you have been accused of sexual harassment in Utah, contact us today for a free case review.
If you've been charged with either distribution or possession of child pornography, it is essential that you secure the services from an experienced child pornography attorney right away.
A lot of people think sexual solicitation and prostitution are the same things. Here's the breakdown of how they're different

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