Obviously a case of mistaken identity.  #CriminalDefense #CriminalDefenseHumor http://bit.ly/2fKxyTD
Here's a #FreeLegalTip: don't steal a device that can easily be tracked by the police. #StupidCriminals http://bit.ly/2rMMJ4P
Are you accused of drug possession? Give us a call today! http://bit.ly/2qBMJ6W
Utah became the latest state of at least 22 others to make changes to expand its stand-your-ground law. Learn what they're proposing 
If you're looking for a criminal defense attorney, give us a call today! http://bit.ly/2gQoad9
What are your thoughts on the proposed new law? Tell us in the comments https://wasatchdefenselawyers.com/utah-proposes-expand-self-defense-law/
#StupidCriminal Florida Man Attempts to Cash $368 Billion Dollar Check http://bit.ly/2soqPR4
#FreeLegalTip: Don't call the cops to help find your weed. http://bit.ly/2fKxyTD
Sentencing occurs after guilt has been determined either by a trial or when the defendant pleads guilty or no contest.
After a defendant is arrested and charged with committing a crime, he's entitled to an arraignment. Learn more about what that entails.
#StupidCriminals of the day. What is the weirdest crime you've heard of? http://cnb.cx/2rp16uA
Violating probation is a crime in itself, and the consequences can be serious. Contact us for a free case review 
If you've found yourself facing criminal charges in Utah, contact Wasatch Defense Lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your legal options 
Judges must consider a number of things when creating the final sentence. https://wasatchdefenselawyers.com/court-sentencing/
Did you know we offer a military discount to Service Men & Women? http://bit.ly/2q3O19Y
If you are being charged with violating your probation in Utah, contact our experienced criminal defense lawyers in Utah 
A criminal defense attorney should be consulted well before a pre-trial conference to enable them to analyze the evidence and prepare for court  Contact us at 801-845-3509 https://wasatchdefenselawyers.com/pre-trial-conference/
Crime is no joke, but these crimes are too hilarious not to laugh at. http://bit.ly/2q3O19Y
Are you facing an upcoming arraignment? Read more to see what you're up against https://wasatchdefenselawyers.com/what-is-an-arraignment/
Would believe a man was arrested for attacking his girlfriend with a banana? http://bit.ly/2q3LOf4
#FreeLegalTip: Don't make chicken in the house you're about to rob. http://bit.ly/2qER0D5
Often, the prosecutor will offer a plea bargain early in the pre-trial process. Learn more 
Probation permits you to enjoy some degree of freedom. However, you are still required to adhere to the terms of your probation. Learn more https://wasatchdefenselawyers.com/probation-violation-lawyers-utah/
Learn more about court sentencing

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