3 Mistakes People Make After Being Charged with a Crime http://bit.ly/2zcGrgI
Pair arrested after reportedly picking up $13,142 in doTerra orders http://bit.ly/2BNFuL7
Police reportedly find 10 pounds of heroin in Salt Lake City man's car http://bit.ly/2BP9Ixa
Two juveniles booked into detention after shooting at American Fork Taco Bell http://bit.ly/2BNM1Wl
Police warn Utah residents about increased package thefts around holidays http://bit.ly/2AUNIUf
With a little preparation, you will be prepared to appear in court. 
Body language and how you present yourself are just as important as what you say in court. http://bit.ly/2ikS5QF
The hardworking and experienced criminal defense attorneys at Wasatch Defense Lawyers can ensure that your procedural and substantive rights are protected. 
3 Sex Offender Recidivism Statistics http://bit.ly/2ieSWzs
When you have to appear in court, it is important to follow several rules of courtroom etiquette. http://bit.ly/2ikS5QF
If you have been charged with a sexual offense, your career, family, reputation, and freedom may all be at risk.
Don't commit a crime just to get to your court appointment. #FreeLegalTip http://bit.ly/2y7oZvl
This Halloween we're sharing this #StupidCriminal! http://bit.ly/2iClt4U
Why You Absolutely Need a Lawyer if Charged with a Sex Crime (even if you're innocent) http://bit.ly/2ywD30m
Reckless driving charges can be challenged in court built on the situations at the time the offense was supposedly committed.
To make sure you put your best foot forward follow the tips below on how to act during your trial. http://bit.ly/2ikS5QF
Residents mistake Halloween decorations for crime scene http://bit.ly/2xbLA9n
Getting more than 200 points on your driving record in a three-year span may result in your driving privileges being put on hold. 
Check out these 1930s mugshots from a police identification book http://bit.ly/2fLaXHB
The punishment for a sex crime conviction in Utah can be severe, and many crimes have minimum mandatory sentences.
Here's your #StupidCriminal of the day!
3 Reasons You Must Hire an Attorney When Accused of a Sex Crime http://bit.ly/2hEdpwr
We recommend not lying about a crime to cover up an affair.... #StupidCriminal http://bit.ly/2kjaWfp
We recommend not commenting on your wanted Facebook post... #StupidCriminal http://nydn.us/2fKYe7O

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