I got mad hate from all you Cowboys haters today, cause of my shirt #TheyHateCUseTheyAint
One of my co-workers was attempting to go natural. They bailin out #ItAintForEveryBody
Had to #ReUp  @vitaminwater #ILoveIt
@bobatl ♬ 'Dr. Aden [Prod. by Jack Splash]' - B.o.B ♪. That song is one of my fav songs period #ForReal
♬ 'Heart Breaker (Feat. Rev. Burke) [Produced By the RZA]' - The Game ♪ #Purp&Patron still getting me through work days
It's cold in the office. They got me in here with my #Mr.RogersSweater on
It's cold in the office. They got me in here with my #Mr.RogersSweater on
♬ 'Young, Wild, Free' - Wiz Khalifa Feat. Snoop Dogg ♪ #MySummerAnthem
Luv to see my Dawg whippin
Got 10, but my Dawg said he need 10 more #NeverThirst
There is a come as you are policy at my church #VOF, but dude took it too far #HeFeelinItThough
That's it, get all the spots.
Getting my baby right. I like to treat him extra extra special every now & then #TeamCleanVehicle
Just go my first ticket in years! Song I chose to play ♬ 'So What' - Wale & Mac Miller ♪
It's real ugly out here  Location: http://j.mp/kRmDN7
My president is black #YaHeard
My president is black #YaHeard
Well I had a great time #PaintBallin!!! I got my G.I Jane on a little bit!! Now for a shower, food & rub down
@dallascowboys first two picks #IGetIt
It was time to stock up on my  @vitaminwater
S/O @FlightK757 for the impromptu #iPhone lesson
#NP ♬ 'So What' - Wale Feat. Mac Miller ♪ #OnRepeat
Somebody doesn't want to clean their room. Man, I don't miss those days #GladtoBinMyOwnPlace
#Tequila 1800 kind of weekend. Yeah, somebody is definitely gonna get it

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