When you learn of Pain, there's hardly a ninja to be more afraid of. Shippuuden is getting GOOD.#anime
Guess it's finally time. Shippuuden ep129.  Was gonna wait for arc2 finish, but can't control myself. #anime
@ghostlightning since you like the Mk. II so much, I included some mech pron for you.
Currently satiating my mecha fetish w/ these Zeta #Gundam Artbooks. Want a Mk. II for Xmas.
#bleach ep239. Oh God! Toshiro was already a target for fanfiction.  This picture can't help things.
#bleach ep239. It's pretty amazing that Toshiro's zanpakuto called out to him so strongly, so early!
#bleach ep239. I've been greatly anticipating Toshirou v Hyourinmaru. #anime
#bleach ep237. Damn it to hell! Was hoping I'd never have to see that again....
#bleach ep238. Momo & Matsumoto's zanpakuto are just a pair of mean b*tches... *sigh* #anime
#queensblade COMPLETE! Final boss...  evil loli?!  *facepalm*
#queensblade ep10. This was a GOOD episode! Less ecchi, more GAR!  DKJ likey! #anime
#queensblade ep9. I had a freakin Zelda flashback when Nanael held up that milk.  O_O
#queensblade ep09. Cute girl + giant axe= cool, Hepher going to market half naked = WTH?!
#queensblade ep07. Nanael is such a flaming idiot.  Someone kill her, PLEASE! #anime
#queensblade ep06. The elves are a bunch of prejudice cowards. I feel for Nowa. T_T #anime
#queensblade ep06. Death maid on forest elf combat... hotness! #anime
#queensblade ep5. WTH?! Is everything a pervert in this show? #anime
#Bleach ep236. Found my anime image of the week.  2 Ichigos become 1.  Awesome! #anime
#Bleach ep236. Finally! Renji gets some love! Find it ironic he's the first to breakthrough.
#Bleach ep234. Releasing Hollow Ichigo is a BAD IDEA! Back off Edward Scissorhands!
#Bleach ep233. Interesting doesn't BEGIN to cover this situation. I NEVER thought I'd see this!
#Bleach ep232. Rukia v her Zanpakuto was a very good, surprisingly emotional fight!
#Bleach ep230. Wow! I haven't gotten chills from reading or watching Bleach in awhile. I'm EXCITED.
#Bleach ep229. Why am I instantly entertained by the site of these 2 meeting up?

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