#GuiltyCrown ep1: I'm not in love, but this is a pretty good, if standard start. #anime
16 Oct 2011 07:54

#GuiltyCrown ep1: I'm not in love, but this is a pretty good, if standard start. #anime 

This series got off to a good start. Though I'm sure plenty of anime veterans will see a lot of this stuff and start drawing comparisons and connecting the dots pretty quickly. I already have.

This episode felt very much like early episodes of series I had seen before. I got a very RahXephon-like feel from some of this episode, along with a dash of Code Geass at the end. Though I'm sure dozens of anime have started their series in a similar manner. The mystery girl who at a glance can appear spaced out or vapid. The lame, socially awkward male protagonist who seems to infect 80 - 90% of the Anime I seem to watch. The at a glance (& often in retrospect) nonsensical gibberish that passes for foreshadowing and world building in these shows. Hell, I'm sure TVTropes is already becoming well populated by Guilty Crown's contributions.

Those things said, the animation and sound quality were very nice! I hope they didn't. Low their budget, I hold Production IG to a very high standard. Higher than GAINAX or Madhouse or even BONES if you can believe it. And for a first episode that didn't really impress me, I still feel like I really want to know more about this world. So based solely on that I'd say the episode was a success. I just hope that nobody's jumping the gun and starting to compare this to some of the year's best, yet. Guilty Crown has a long way to go, it just got off on the right foot is all.

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