#GundamAGE ep13: not bad for a "kiddie show". Hell, not bad for Gundam. #anime
9 Jan 2012 05:03

#GundamAGE ep13: not bad for a "kiddie show". Hell, not bad for Gundam. #anime 

Alright, I thought the UE just seemed weird. I'll say they're alien
now. There was some nice set up to the battle. Of course Emily isn't
of much use since all she was gonna do and did was watch. I'll take
her in that position over the annoyances of Flay or Fa anyday. Largan
gets a moment with Woolf (how are we supposed to spell his name
anyway? I've gotten like 4 different spellings.) and makes his
question seem a little more homosexual than I think he was going for.
That's OK though, Woolf responds by practically saying he's gay for
his mobile suit. HA! And though there seemed to be some palatable
nervous, but there wasn't a bit of hesitation from anyone.

The battle itself was very simple. I didn't see any tactics, and the
only strategy seemed to be to close some distance and blow a hole in
the UE. So I guess Grodek is still in the minor circuit when it comes
to anime ship captains. Yang Wen-li and Reinhard von Lohengram won't
need to worry about him for awhile. The only real surprise I got was
from seeing the Diva transform into a Zeta Gundam era ship. I'll
admit, I was tickled.

I'm not gonna give Flit too much credit, however he seems to be taking
towards his "advanced" skills much more readily than any of the
psychic pilots I remember. While he previously showed flashes of late
UC 0079 Amuro, he showed moments of Setsuna F. Seiei in the zone in
this episode with the keen blade work in a crowd.

I was expecting this show, with its somewhat simplistic nature to end
the battle in an episode, but it looks like we have a round two coming
and previews make it look intense. I see a rival battle coming in the
future and the "tears of time." I can't wait!

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