#GundamAGE ep19: the AGE military is a close knit family... literally! #anime
20 Feb 2012 03:58

#GundamAGE ep19: the AGE military is a close knit family... literally! #anime 

I'm seriously starting to wonder about the population of the AGE
universe. Or maybe it's just a matter of talented people coming
together. Or maybe it's a matter of the Federation Forces higher ups
orchestrating this tight knit group of relatives and close friends.
The Asuno family has its finger prints all over this ship. The
Gunhale family has two generations stalking the decks. High school
friends are on the same ship. The Diva's captain and mobile suit
commander are intimately acquainted, as well. You'd think there'd be
a lot of hanky panky and barbecues. But no, this is anime, and more
specifically Gundam, there's gonna be more than a few coincidences.

AGE doesn't waste time, though I'm getting used to these unnarrated
time skips. Asuno and Romary are fresh out of the military academy
and on the decks of the Diva. And Zeheart is getting high fives from
his central command for "excemplary work". Pft! All he did was go to
high school for a year and kill a few Feddies.

It is nice seeing a real, though incredibly green unit come together
on the Diva. Aside from Woolf and perhaps Orbit, everyone else looks
like babies. Fresh meat for the oncoming war. And after watching
years of Gundam, I'd honestly be a little worried if I was any of
those pilots in those grunt units. Well, we all know Asemu has
nothing to worry about.

The AGE-2 finally makes its first official appearance right alongside
the formerly useless Dique. I have to admit, a little stubble plus
the last name Gunhale goes a long way towards making me not think of
him as a useless background character. Hopefully he doesn't allow the
AGE System to do all the heavy lifting if you know what I mean.

Things converge nicely as Zeheart sends out a mobile suit unit to
"poke" the Diva and test its capabilities. I suppose it's a nice
change of pace from another colony attack. Though the upcoming
results would make me question how wise that order to "poke" would be.

Having the "White Wolf" in charge of me would certainly give me some
confidence. It's nice to see him in action in earnest. I'm sure if
anyone else had been babysitting there'd be more casualties. They
hold off the Veigan units until the AGE-2 finished powdering its nose.
And then Asemu commences to wreck shop. He had a brief moment of
insubordination when instead of getting the hell out of the way of the
Diva's self defense weaponry, he shot ahead in a hotshot move that
killed two mobile suits in one shot. ("Whew! Nice!") So maybe he's
a bit of a hot head, but he'll be alright after a little extra time in
his room.

Decent episode overall, and a nice debut for the AGE-2. As usual, the
show keeps the narrative compact and relatively brisk. I do question
the logic of "poking" the Diva and losing an entire squadron of mobile
suits in the process. I think its a bad decision for the new
commander, but the show will gloss over this bit of reality and move
on, so I had better do so too. I'll look forward to Zehearts' debut
next week in combat... and possibly the return of one of my favorite
characters from the first "age". Desil. I'm sure he's become
delightfully twisted since his spanking all those years ago.

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