#Naruto ch635: I'm questioning who the zombies really are in this story. #manga
19 Jun 2013 21:12

#Naruto ch635: I'm questioning who the zombies really are in this story. #manga 

Really Kishi? You just gonna end the chapter there? Taking notes
from Kubo I see. Ugh, the end of this chapter. It bates so hard...

Well it looks like you can't just throw an all-star team of legendary
shinobi together and expect them to have great chemistry. Though this
lesson should've been learned from the Five Kage Summit and the crap
with the start of the Allied Shinobi Army. The problem is that Sasuke
is such an irrepressible douche, that he makes himself a magnetic for
hate and mistrust.

On the bright side, Orochimaru! YAY! Though his team of elite freaks
certainly lacks any chemistry of their own. I really wish he would
stray away from his creepy fascination with Sasuke. He really makes
the pedo jokes so easy. But at least for now, even his goals are
aligned with everyone else's. How can he discover new jutsu and enjoy
the chaos of the world when it's all one big, fake peaceful dream?

Tsunade looks like total and complete crap, but that's to be expected
after the MURDERING she took. These guys have died several times
over, they should've long since died.

I'm interested to see if someone can break through to Sasuke. God, I
hate him so much. I don't see how any one would want him as Hokage,
even with all the power he wields.

A little theory a friend gave me at work: our guess is that Naruto
will never become Hokage. Instead he'll be reborn as the Sage of the
Six Paths and travel the world promoting peace with Kakashi and MAYBE
Hinata. Meanwhile, Sasuke will rebuild the Uchiha clan's reputation
and mend the Hidden Leaf as the Sixth Hokage. As far as I'm
concerned, it's sound enough. Though I'll never enjoy the idea of
Sasuke not being dead in a ditch, next to the corpse of Sakura with
that idiotic, vapid smile on her face.

Morbid, I agree, but I doubt most of you have followed this series for
as long as I have.

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