#NanatoKaoru ch63: Love is a track & field. #pervy #manga
6 Jan 2014 10:37

#NanatoKaoru ch63: Love is a track & field. #pervy #manga 

Wow! This episode is dense! There's so much going on here. And I
happily welcome these developments.

First we have all the hub-bub revolving around the track & field
meeting now taking place. On Nana's side, they're all pretty excited
and positive about the whole thing. Though she's reminded of how nice
it is to be cheered on by others, and to have other people cook for
you by her friends. She wonders happily about what it would be like
to have Kaoru cook for her for the meet. A strange change in gender
roles, as Kaoru doesn't look any less weird or creepy in her fantasies
in an apron and looking all passive.

On Tachi's side, we find drama. She doesn't get along with her
teammates despite being (or because of her) supreme talent. She
doesn't care to hang around them at all, and doesn't get along with
some of them either. This is made evident by her testimony and seeing
her almost get in a fight with one of them over going to a
pre-tournament meeting. This does introduce us to what appears to be
an interesting new character in Haruka. She's captain for the track
team, and she has some choice words of advice for Tachi, words that
appear ignored but stick with her later.

The events for Nana and Tachi both bring them to Kaoru, for the same
reason. Tachi finds Kaoru first. He's at the "novelty" store
returning the leather bondage set he was loned when she finds him, and
badgers him into coming along and bringing food. It helps that she
has the events with the suppository hanging over his head to help get
some cooperation.

Nana meets him outside his apartment, attempting to be nice doesn't
work. Tachi's efforts have already left a taste in Kaoru's mouth and
he outwardly rejects her because he feels he's being used. He changes
his mind soon enough on his own. Meanwhile, Nana decides to tackle
her box lunch on her own - to disasterous results.

At the first day of the meet, Kaoru shows up with enough food for both
Nana and Tachi and again runs into Tachi first. This happens just in
time for Nana to look over and see Kaoru next to her with the box
lunch. Tachi can't help but look back at Nana and grin. It appears
she's taken another shot and Nana's precious man and source of

It's rare that I'm able to give that much of synopsis to a pervy
manga. But it does seem that things are getting super interesting
outside of the sexual arena. I'm glad to see that this series enjoys
taking this outside more and more to the real world and real
situations. I'm glad when the breathers come about, but this manga is
so good. It's good enough that I actually care about these characters
and their interactions, loves, pains and joys. Tachi has slowly and
surely been trying to wrangle Kaoru away from Nana, and though it's
not for romantic purposes, she's gotten pretty far and involved with
him on a personal level. I'd like very much to see this rivalry
deepen, and this track meet is just the place to do it. On top of
that, I really like Tachi as a character. Sure, I think she's smoking
hot and more attractive than Nana, but I just find her underexplored
so far in the series. I do care about her character just as much as I
do about Nana and Kaoru. This will be a welcome test to see how much
this series cares about her as a character.

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Sweet Jehovah no! That is not how you handle that situation! #manga #NanatoKaoru ch63: Love is a track & field. #pervy #manga This hits a little too close to home... #manga
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