#Naruto ch665: nice of Obito to wake up, maybe just in time. #manga
22 Mar 2014 02:30

#Naruto ch665: nice of Obito to wake up, maybe just in time. #manga 

Probably not though....

Sure, it's quite clear that Madara has been using Obito all this time.
Though I find it a little strangely late in the game to be changing
your mind. This is a shounen battle manga, and Naruto's words are
gonna have a strong appeal to them.

What I really find intriguing though, is not Madara and Obito's
changing relationship, but the lore that Madara speaks of. It's
facinating how the chakra was used as a tool of universal
understanding, though even with that power seemingly evenly
distributed, people still managed to leverage it into personal power.
Perhaps it's only human nature, and perhaps that's the whole problem.
Humans were never meant to wield the power of chakra, they can't
handle it on a basic scale, and it widely corrupts. Though for a
series like Naruto, that does sound like a very pessimistic view and

Humanity was never meant to have this power. Humanity is incapable of
the responsibility, therefore it must be wiped from their hands and
history. I imagine that if this narrative were to be handled by
Naruto himself, and not the pair of pessimistic piss-pots that are
Madara and Obito, then he'd say that the problem isn't that humanity
can't handle chakra, nor can they use it to communicate with each
other. The solution should be that they shouldn't rely on chakra to
handle the problem of human communication and understanding. That
task should be handled by the human heart; something they've had all
along. I know it sounds really sappy and cheesy, but that also makes
it a fitting solution for the series.

We'll see soon enough where this goes, though it's looking more and
more like there isn't anyone on the battlefield to physically take up
the cause against Madara, and an open debate isn't gonna be enough.
Maybe, that will change once Obito rips that kyuubi out of his former


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WinderWaker #Naruto ch665: nice of Obito to wake up, maybe just in time. #manga #Naruto ch666: sweet~! The fallen savior goes to save real savior. #manga
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