Am I the only one who thought Justin Timberlake's hair back in the day looked like dry ramen noodles?
Hey guys! Would anyone want a drawing like this one? If yes, tweet me & give a list of what you want in it! I'll do it.
RT if you want to win this autograph picture of @official_flo! :)
Awww! Why can't all guys be like that? >>
Do you guys like my picture for @AllstarWeekend? I made it! But I'm not done with it lol :)
;D Yessss All That, Kenan & Kel, and Clarissa Explains It All comes on tonight ish at 12am on nick at nite!
#20HotGuys Dylan O' Brien - @dylanobrien, Another hottie from #TeenWolf! Oh my lantaaa. ;D #crushofthemonth
Sweetness I say! :D Top Tweet. #HappyFriday! Thanks so much for RT-ing my tweets you guys! Love you all ♥
Awesomenesss! Top Tweet - 7/14/11! Thank youuuu so much for RT-ing my tweets! You guys are amazing, and lovely! ♥
Congratulations @ddlovato for making your new single "Skyscraper" to #1 on iTunes! I love it! ♥
Looook what I made out of a 1 dollar bill! ;D It's a heart ♥ Tweet me to comment on it if you like.
RT if when the first time you ever had a McFlurry, you thought the spoon was also a straw.
I'm Lady Gaga, I walk around in daft meat costumes 'cause I was BORN THIS WAY. Yes, I was born as a meat loaf...
Top Tweet - June 24, 2011! Thank you so much you guys for RT-ing my tweets! Couldn't have done this without you!!
Thanks for getting these 3 tweets to be Top Tweet! I love you guys so much. Thank you again for following! ♥
Yayyy!!! I'm the happiest girl ever! @austinkeller is now following me! Thank youuu Austin! I love you <3
@afterwurds Here you go! I hope you like it! :)
@CandyAllStar I have the same picture taken with them in the same kind of clothes, right here:
That awkward moment when Lady Gaga wins an award wearing a meat dress and other celebrity reactions are on camera.
@selenagomez I just made this for you. I hope you like it. I love you & your my inspiration. (-: #getwellselena
Top 10 Trends.. And I'm one of them to set a trend..? Can I say #EPIC!!! ✔#beforeidie I wanna trend something! ;D
Eeeep! @CameronAllstar! You're looking mighty fineee in this picture! ;)
I still can't believe @AllstarWeekend is following me. They're my favorite band ever! Such sweethearts & so cute<3
That beyond awesome moment when @AllstarWeekend is following you! <3333

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