Ohmygoddd! @CameronAllStar & your sister looks absolutely adorableeee!! Soooo cuteeee<333
@Thee_Real_Mee I know right! For more info about it, look here: >>
The best of Bon Qui Qui.. 'I will cut chu!'
S Club.. Ain't no party like an S Club Party!!! ;) ♬ 'S Club Party' by S Club 7 ♪ #NowPlaying
Dear @msrebeccablack, "Friday" is playing on Kidz Only! (Via @MusicChoice)
Message to all my followers! Thank you for always supporting and appreciating my tweets! I love you all! <3
I bet when Justin Bieber makes an amazingly epic guest appearance on "Glee", the episode will be called "Gleeber" ;)
RT if you -->
Going to eat this cute little chocolate bunny!!! :)
DemiOn20/20 #ProudOfDemi ♡
Keep Calm And Love Bieber! 
If you say my name, we can #danceforever!
Here's the list so far for the people to give shoutouts to. If you don't see your name on the list, let me know!
Now, How much do @ZachAllStar and Hutch Dano look alike? :)
RT if you can't wait to go see the new movie "Prom"! :)
RT if you remember this and owned one as a child.
OhMyGod @msrebeccablack's "Friday" Game Boy tribute..?
Have you ever wanted that whipping hair flip like @justinbieber? Well, now you can! Coming to a store near you! ;)
RT if you're proud of @justinbieber for everything he has accomplished!

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