Be the solution ... Be the Smile in the room ... Be the ray of hope! ♥
 All things are possible for those who B E L I E V E!
LOVE is the only weapon that can convert an enemy into a friend.
Don't forget - Be the solution ... Be the Smile in the room ... Be the ray of hope! ♥
LIFE - You gotta live life like you mean it because there ain’t any rehearsals—get out, get up, and get going! ~  Spike Humer
All things are possible for those who B E L I E V E!
Our potentials are only waiting to be tapped and given marching orders. Let's examine ourselves and awaken the sleeping dragons within us!
Fear and faith have the same definition: believing what you don't see is going to happen. I choose FAITH!!!
Trust yourself. Think 4 yourself. Act 4 yourself. Speak 4 yourself. Be yourself. Imitation is suicide ~ Marva Collins
Love to see Adele on the cover of December issue of Cosmopolitan. Looking great! ❤
The best medicine in the world w/out any side effect is a SMILING FACE. So do this....
Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.
Wow! A box of special grown pears from my friend Hyung from Pyeongtaek ~ Delivered to my front door! Kamsa hamnida Hyung!
And this...super love it! ❤
My employees gave me last night @ the Thanksgiving dinner party. Looks really good on my center table in my foyer! Gigantic! ❤
Soooo many things!!!!  I am truly blessed! ❤
Gratitude helps us to grow & expand. It brings joy & laughter into our lives & to all those around us. It's the best road to travel.
Gratitude is the moral memory of mankind. ~ George Simmel
Happy Thanksgiving! ♥
Craving satiated! ☺ hmmm... I better stop...almost gone
And snacking on Lindt White Chocolate and Stracciatella Truffles - thanks Jean ❤
Watching this...thanks Charles for sending me this to add to my collection. Huggggssss ❤
Starting my day with a prayer and firmly standing on my faith! I know that this day will be great! Thank you Heavenly Father! ♥
Coffee really gets my blood going in the morning....full tank please! Haha ☺

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