Google's Picasa trying to nametag Angkor Wat Apsara's ... LOL
Brava nl TV "Kunst/Cultuur (geen muziek)" .. wtf ..
@ebvrnos #missmeyet leuk die politieke spreuken op T-shirts, wat dacht je van deze (vooral in Aziƫ gevleugelde woorden)
Hmmpt.. Here we go again... grrr
Job safety in de Philippines.....
Brunch @ Tamaraw Beach Resort, Puerto Galera: life is hard :p
SM Mall of Asia Manila - Outside it's  30 centigrade, inside ...  Skating!!
Shoes are so much cheaper here :D  .. oh and we are waiting for an operative detachment of my gf's cp-ear ;-) :))
Totally relaxed
Book presentation "American Multiculturalism after 9/11" by my brother-in-law Jaap Verheul
My office

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