I said NO cream cheese... Breakfast ruined.Thanks @DunkinDonuts  hoping I can salvage the bagel, not optimistic.
@therichbrooks I prefer bacon.
#aoc2013selfie #ewwwwww
Epic night w @MatchboxTwenty and  @ThisIsRobThomas for  @Phoenix451 first concert EVER! He now approves of my crush!
She's soooo mean!!!  @MatchboxTwenty
I approve of  @matthires opening skills!!!  @MatchboxTwenty
You go ahead and stand in line for @MatchboxTwenty... I'll watch from my car... This chick ain't standin in the snow!
Pre  @MatchboxTwenty drink!!! Wooooot!!! #fb
Finally got my last sticker!!!! Bed time!!!
Mmm valentines day breakfast... Thanks  @DunkinDonuts :)
Thanks for adorable holiday gift,  @Uncorked_Studio :) you guys rock.
I love that new textbook smell :) Advertising and Promotion FTW!!!
@groundctrl my inquiry needs to be reviewed immediately. This has been outstanding for three weeks and is totally unacceptable
It's not Black Friday.... It's GOLD Friday!!! Finally showed up today!  @Starbucks
Because they warm up my bed :) 

RT @ASPCA Are you thankful for your pet? Tell us why! #IAmThankfulForMyPet
Nice to see that  @groundctrl is right on top of getting back to people... Nearing 24hr mark. Didn't take them that long to charge my credit card...
If this wasn't French vanilla coffee, I might be offended :)  @DunkinDonuts
@HumaneSociety we celebrate #felinefriday with nap time :)
I really want this  @thenerdmachine hoodie... But only if it comes with  @ZacharyLevi.... :) I'm sure the husband wouldn't mind
Why yes. That's  @Phoenix451 singing along with  @KLowellMusic
And this just happened #fb
@holdfast1979 @C_Mast sky says partly cloudy... We have a winner :)
@holdfast1979 @C_Mast remote for heater says 77 #payniattentiontothetime
@holdfast1979 @C_Mast let's do a test. App says party cloudy 77.

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