Im selling My macbook for  €1000000 #shootnsell
Im selling À cup test for  €9,99 #shootnsell
Im selling A magic mouse for  €60
Im selling Water for  €0,99
Im selling Shoudio for  €9,99
@MailChimp I'd say "Cancel" and "Logout". What do you think?
I be ridin' ma bike;
Check out the @lifelapse/team on their epic journey to find the ultimate fabrics and other LifePouch ingredients
Check out the @Lifelapse/team on their epic journey for the ultimate fabrics and other LifePouch ingredients.
This is what @jeroenbos_ and myself looked like during #qsams. (Artists impression by Paulien Maria )
A photo of my speech on world domination. #swhightech
Trying to get the @lifelapse/team to #swhightech
Think I received the wrong coffee.. My name is NOT Claudia..!
@Faberyayo Volgens, mijn vrienden en een hoop andere mensen lijken wij op elkaar. Nou?
One billion AppStore downloads!
@hermioneway Nice one!
Funny that both my brother and father have Apple backgrounds on their iPhones. Didn't expect that..
@timanrebel varkentje gewassen..

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