How a Raw Pet Food Can Help Improve Your Pet's Immune System
How Raw Dog Food Helps a Dog's Immune System
A Raw Diet Has Been Shown to be Effective in Cases of Hot Spots
A Raw Diet Has Been Shown to be Effective in Cases of Hot Spots
A Raw Diet Has Been Shown to be Effective in Cases of Hot Spots
Dry cat food is notorious for containing large amounts of grain filler, which is an allergen to cats and can result in the irritation of your cat's sensitive stomach and digestive tract. Since a cat's feline ancestors never ate grains in nature, today's modern cats lack the ability to properly process this type of food. Our #RawCatFood avoids these issues by mimicking a diet that closely mirrors what cats would naturally eat in the wild. Get it here #RawFedCats #HealthyPetFood #HealthyPets
The Truth About Kidney Disease in Cats
Happy Monday! Here's something to start your day off right
Have a great weekend
As almost every cat owner knows, cats can be the most finicky, picky food critics in the world. Sometimes cats love raw food right off the bat, but if not, we've laid out some proven tips for you try. Have you made a switch? We'd love to hear what worked for you!
A report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), "Poison on Pets II: Toxic Chemicals in Flea and Tick Collars," found that many over-the-counter insect control products for pets, even when used as instructed, can cause "serious health consequences to pets and humans." Many of these products include organophosphate (OP) compounds, which have been used for insect control for decades and are known to have toxic effects. Most immediate health problems come from not using these products properly, but there is some evidence that more insidious health problems may arise from chronic exposure.
Raw goat milk is an ideal solution for pets with gastrointestinal issues. Use it for a snack or as a food topper to add nutrition to a dry or canned meal.
 Learn more
A Raw Diet Has Been Shown to be Effective in Cases of Hot Spots
How your neighbors lawn chemicals can affect your pets
It's been proven before that dogs are able to read our gestures and facial expressions.
5 Most Popular Pet Treats You Should Never Buy
Yummy treat to help your dog beat the heat
3 Reasons to Be Wary of Dog Kibble
Antibiotics are routinely fed to livestock, poultry, and fish on industrial farms to promote faster growth and to compensate for the unsanitary conditions in which they are raised. Read more
Our free-range, vegetarian-fed
 Dog food with real beef protein gives your dog nutrition that provides the proteins, essential vitamins and minerals that help fight disease and promote strong bones, muscles, and organ function. Get it here
10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Feeding Your Pet
A Raw Diet Has Been Shown to be Effective in Cases of Digestion Issues

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