Marla Singer and The Narrator.

(That's Fight Club, for those of you that don't get it.)
Forgot to tweet this the other night... @RamblingB dressed up the eagle in @BigOandDukes Bunker as @drabtshirt. #LLTH
My kid that wakes up at midnight thirty and asks to watch Nightmare Before Xmas... You been talking to her @ZohanJew?
Hey @maddcracker1982, I'm making sure I raise her right for you. Spittin' image. #Twins #Redskins #HTTR #RIP
@maddcracker1982 I am gonna be finding these til I move out, huh? :) #40 #steelreserve
Focus, Drunk @drabtshirt...  @BigOandDukes  #BOAD #LLTH
That's ol' 36 Share, Drunk @drabtshirt. #BOAD  #LLTH
More of the Drunk @drabtshirt Show from the @BigOandDukes UStream broadcast tonight.
Watching @BigOandDukes on Ustream tonight was like our own private Drunk @drabtshirt Show in the chat room. #LLTH
This is what you find in the bathroom of a flight attendant.
There were pictures taken. And apparently, it worked out.
I had no idea how good I look in a military helmet til last night. #ImInCharge
This is the closest thing to a soda I can find in my dad and brother's apt. Worthless. #dirtyhippies
In case anyone missed it, this is what happens when I foolishly head into DC on a Friday against my better judgement.
My thoughts on Johnny Manziel if anyone cares.
Yes. I bought this shirt. With actual money. That is worth something.

Judge me. I know @funnydanny won't.
@kevinandrock The only thing I carry in anywhere is my man wallet.
#RIP @maddcracker1982
@funnydanny I was unaware you changed your last name. I have a feeling you were too.
What's up, Haircut?
@MisssCrysss Different babysitter. #ohboy
A week late. All you can see in this pic are @BodeMode1067's socks and shorts. #beerandpigout #dayintonightdrinking
@StevePietaster Don't know how I keep forgetting to mention this to you; Got this tattoo in '07. #idrewit #djsyouknow
Apparently that's her husband? @MisssCrysss

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