PHX on deck right now I couldn't get the whole line!
Line at disco alllllllllllllllreaaaady!!!
This box of nerds is the size of a cereal box!
Now we at School of
Rock on mill kickin it! The old cherry lounge.....we out here tonight! Lmao
@mikedoobieuncut bday bash bout to be #spaceage let's get it! 

@mikedoobieuncut Bday bash tomorrow at PHX!

I was wondering how I'm gonna get this #MPC on the plane but it fits! Now what to do with my clothes....smh
I had to kill em wit the #Hollister last night....

I was fresh on they ass tonight at #PHX

♬ 'Fire Ft. Lil Boosie' - Twista ♪
@MissCreme here.....
Pic of my cousin Hope and her bf Edward Long JR. not make them part of our family!
I'm tryin to be like my nigga @2chainz ayyeeee!! Lmao
@hollywoodsupa Song of the Day

♬ 'From The Bottom To The Top' - Lil Boosie ♪
Got me popeyes :)
Mannnnnnn hol up.....ayeeee
RT @bobbie_lee Wait did @HollywoodSupa have on a harry potter shirt lastnight? -_- lol

Hell yea I did! Freshhhh!
RT @slimthugga Nigga it's #thugthursday where Yo pistols at
RT @SwiffColdAF @HollywoodSupa LIVES THE LIFE RT @HollywoodSupa
Ridin space mountain tweetin lmao

Pic to prove it lmaoooooo

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