Regrann from @balleralert -  Baller Mail: My Boyfriend Of Nine Years and Father Of My Child Broke Up With Me. He Says He’s Not In Love. Do I Fight For My Family or Walk Away?
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For today’s Baller Mail, our reader sent:
My bf of 9 years decided to end our relationship we have a son together. He left while I was pregnant and when he was born we made our way back to each other. Everything seemed fine. We  were planning to get an apartment together start doing big moves to be a family but we got into one argument and he stated he was not happy and wasn’t in love any more. He also stated the same things when he left while pregnant. So here we are again same situation. He says the same exact thing. I feel like a baby can take a toll on a relationship work schedules can conflict & barely spending time together can also have an affect on the relationship. Do you fight to keep family together? Do you try to remember the other person there are far more good times than bad. Or do you just walk away and wonder what could have been?
What advice would you give our reader? - #regrann
Regrann from @dunkfilmz -  Vince or Donovan?🤔
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@nba - #regrann
Regrann from @balleralert -  Have you seen Black Panther yet? ... (video via @karajenelle) - #regrann
This is what we call "dance moves into the spin cycle finishing up top"
This is what we affectionately call the #breastbone
I'm fed up really

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