#np - ♬ 'Words of Wisdom' - Tupac ♪ #tupac #bestsongeverwritten !
#np - ♬ 'Soulja's Story' - Tupac ♪
Yea when we need something from women we let them B equals as soon as we got wht we need push them back 2 being unequal smh at ths #hypocritical society
#shisha be fuckin up my stamina n shit but I'm too hooked on this muthafucka !
#shisha be kill ma muthafucking stamina :p but im too hooked on this shit nig'!!
Factory life #smh #fml :(
What a breakfast  #smh
Goallll messi Barcelonaaaaaaa!!
Playing brisc alone on a Saturday 
Playing some late night FIFA 
Watching the @nflnetwork where the season never ends ahaaa 
On those hennessy tips ahahh! :p
#Np - @vinnie_paz ♬ 'End Of Days Featuring Block McCloud'
Watching Beverly hill cop 

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