Mmm yummy!!!!
Sooo bored & sleepy... Need I say more
Everybody's #plankin!!!
Yea try #plankin off the microwave..... #AbGame2Right... It was hard a hard though
Tryin a new studying method.... #plankin in dez study books hopefully it helps...
Gave my professor da *side eye for still keepin us in class
My two loves...  @Pinkberry & my BF  @mr_get_wright... Now who do I love more???!?....
Feeling blessed this morning!!!!! I received another A on my calculus exam!!!... I got a 95!!!...God is good I give him all the credit!!
Calculus got my head banging
Thisvis my "OMG I won?!" face lol
Thisvis my "OMG I won?!" face lol
I have da BEST boyfriend in da WORLD he came & surprised me! And brought me flowers I love hhhiimmm!!!  @mr_get_wright gosh he's amazing!!
Free Red Bulls ... #winning
Ooohhh yea Greatness...
Ooohhh yea Greatness...
Yummy yummy din din
#NaturalNailShawty... ;)
My baby soooo cute while he's nappin
So tired laying down on the bus

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