George Clinton in this bish & he don't cut his hair off!!!
Bush goin innnnn #HOB #GetoBoys #RealMusic
Bottoms up!! Vegas flow
Looks like @BABY_ACE_281 sees something he likes!!! Lol
Me & my Gina bina @thatdamngina
Birthday girl!!!!! @apebmob
... @deanadean (glowing) & @pretti_fanci for ape's Bday dinner
#ThrowbackThursdays &thats still what it is biatchhhhh lol @emoney_ABN @kodyp @deanadean @apebmob
#ThrowbackThursday @TRAEABN his ass has always been crazy! Lmao idk why we were thinking he just got that way
I concur “@JessicaVickery: It's really something wrong with @KEN2theFOOL”///look at this lunatic
There y'all go..... Im a ghost
Yup we still at it bish!!!!! @ApebMOB #HiHaters
These are the things in life that matter #priceless
We c ya lookin, with ya lookin ass
y'all aint tell me price tag thing was back in style!Clip woulda took my iPhone up there&scanned that boy shit!
Hey @kourt_side let's play pin the tail on the DONKey lol!
in case y'all ain't believe me @yofavchinadoll is pointing out the grown man violation(bkwards fanny pack) 4yall
Me & @shannaslim1225 #marquee #vegasnights
Down like 4 flats... Ya dig..... @meiling81
Ummmm this could be a problem..... Magnum bottles edition
Me , @msjuicyy & @dgygapafr doin what we do #chateau
Me , @msjuicyy & @dgygapafr doin what we do #chateau
Me, @msjuicyy & @dgygapafr sittin pretty #chateau
Lol me as Casper the ghost & @Peeda_bruckshot Lmao

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