These niggas. Smh
Im just sayin, i did. RT @imlisabonet: @Me im just sayin you can do better...
Where are these sources you speak of ? Lol
Tonight I’m performing in New Bedford, Mass @ the Skyroom.. See u there.
Gave out the dope gift bags @ my album listening sessions tonight.. Customized Hookah’s & traveling bag.. Only right.
My homegirl Symba came out & fucked w us tonight. (IG name is @symbaserothick .. In case u were wondering, lol)
The “X” ! (Well, the top of it, but u get my drift, lol)
Folk cant WAIT to see Black on black Slander, smh… lol
Oh yeah, they sold out of Wonder/Potato bread too… she must think I’m stupid, smh
Tickets on sale now @ http://wantickets.com/joebudden
Clifton, NJ x Bliss x live band x 1/24 x see u there.
& y’all think I’M crazy, smh…. Lol
RT @Aj_Awad: I wonder how @JoeBudden gets these fly ass bitches sure ain't his music...
I learned every girl doesn’t react the same to a lap dance when I got 1 for @MarisaMendez lmao
If u can’t have fun with your girl then what’s the point really…
Damn we love dem strippa’s…
$500 weave = Happy medium = Budget efficient ! Lol
Merry Xmas to me !
My baby, lol
@_EuropeanDOLL no u don't.
Smmfh.. taking notes.. RT @SoleHipHop: <--- Curveball hitter RT @janiibella: PROFESSIONAL CURVER
I see my nigga @TheOnlyEmanny finally got that wardrobe budget…
@UrFavritAsshole or.. The guy u work for. U give me so much free promo, you’re basically my intern.

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