Immediately after his #CPAC speech, @AndrewBreitbart gets targeted by @Liz-Glover w/ questions about @GOProud.
Hopefully the inevitable entertainment from @scrowder & crew makes up for the late blogger awards at #CPAC.
The question should be, "Why don't you have a set of Google shades?" Stop by their booth. Get 'em. #CPAC
En route to #CPAC. Wearing the hat to help peeps find me -- can't see me in a crowd otherwise. #JodoTheHobbit
Calf ropin' time!
Looks like someone watched "The Tourist" and got inspired...
The stage is set for the #TPPF Texas senatorial debate to begin!
Ah, yes. That New Year's Eve party was a pretty good time...
Smoking cigars & drinking bourbon while having a Soviet-style new year document burning. :-) Beautifully clear night.
Dad threw a 108 meter javelin on @Kinect! I'm getting revenge w/ discus. Family game night will never be the same. :-)
Transport successful! #Christmas #MassiveMeatLog
@Dirt_Dart_Doze #ftw: strapping n #Christmas #MassiveMeatLog containment chest w/ cables & ropes. 2 not lose any juice!
How to transport #Christmas #MassiveMeatLog in a truck bed while raining? Strategically: ice chest & additional bins.
Update on #Christmas #MassiveMeatLog. Been baking since this morning. We are about to begin transport phase.
Live tweeting the #Christmas @USDA prime rib roast's journey from meat locker 2 dinner plate. :-) #Xmas #MassiveMeatLog
@USDA prime rib roast + 12-layer lasagna + lobster tail = epic pot luck! Going to be a lovely Christmas meal w/ family.
@CrystalCroyl says this predicament adequately serves as my handicap. Just not fair...playing as solids. #pool
Looks like @DallasCowboys have some super fans like the @DallasMavs. #NFL #NBA
Crack 'em, prep 'em, bake 'em. Bringing back the classic. #thanksgiving #pie
Looks like running on the natl Mall today will be fun. A "little" rain in the forecast. #dc
@tedgonder Softball injury. Haha.
Love piano app on #apple #iPad. Listen to music & play accomp at same time. Great 4 simple songwriting on the go.
Wisdom & good times this evening while smoking w/ 1 of the finest pipe aficionados in the world: Giorgio Musico.
"We hold these truths self-evident..." Happy Independence Day yall! Make it a great 1! #tcot #tlot #p2 #july4 #USA

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