"He plays with a great BONER" #shityoujustcantmakeup
Man I can't wait to get my flannel sheets out!! This feels so good with the windows open!
Gronk never hit that my ass!!! #yougotgronked
Way to be on duty Officer Rico!!
@TheBlondeSide just get a cameo why don't ya?
Really regretting to staying in Pottsboro at my parents house tonight. Whirlpool Tub + these & a good nights sleep
I think its funny as hell how the only time TexasTech gets mentioned is when Washington St is playing good job admin!!!
I think it's a Carney Man day for lunch...
@FM_Stokes @samanthastokes4 @dallas0982 @psizzle1 hmmmm
@BrownCJennifer #shitgotreal
@FM_Stokes that's the problem I'm not getting any action hahaha & well I have a dog or a kid or whatever
I'm still pissed I got my grass mowed perfect & it didn't rain a drop
Just found another kind of red wine I really enjoy
@SarahJTX @rangers
As Yung Joc would say "It's Goin Down." ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕
Hi I'm Ricky Bobby. If you don't like the Texas Rangers, then fuck you.
@Britny_Michelle the one night I'm in yall's section your not here haha
Section 27 Row 17 Seat 8
I've turned almost everything upside down looking for my Oil Bowl Ring
@PaulineReese is that mean?? Shame I can't include the smell too
#92 Forney Jackrabbits vs #50 Lovejoy Leopards
#OS Got Heeeem!!!
@TXLesley looking super cute tonight
Why is Vicente Padilla wearing a Royals jersey?!? Thought he still played at Boston? Hahahaha

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