One Direction on Ellen. I am so old but these guys aren't.
Here are a few ideas to keep my spirit calm on #election day:  my daughter says "nothing will help you Eema!"
@AnnGentry I've been taking my gastro-adventurous daughter to  @RealFoodDaily for 7.5 years! Best miso soup in town.
@msmandyingber this lemon rose is for you today.
Please be as generous as you can with the hard workers who clean hotel rooms all day long.
this person chose to plant himself at gate 46A and eat crap right at my feet.  charming, right?
"Jesus Eema!  The same fish swimming by every day?  Change it up already would ya?".
Enjoying opening day  @SonnyMcLeans #redsox
If there were ever a contest for having the most cavities AND the most toothbrushes, my daughter wins.  So proud.
My Dad waiting patiently while my mom yells at him. With love and urgency. He is unswayed!
We sweet talked our way into it and now my dad wants us to keep the straws segregated. @phyllissilver
My Dad rec'd birthday coupon from Starbucks and it expires today. He's panicked we won't find one in the next minute.
My dad. In plaid. The best man I know.
The ocean smells like lemonade.
@rebjoe laughing at his own joke.
@rebjoe laughing at his own joke.
Irish coffee post show.
Doug already cooked.
@rebjoe writing set list. Deeply committing to the flow.
@bethaschafer at her sound check.
Doug Cotler at soundcheck for tonight in Denver.
In case you needed proof of why I love being home sweet home in Califor. Nye. Yay.
Dude. Look who we just ran into.
Here's what you get when you win bingo here. A calendar of big animal pooping out a smaller version of itself.

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