The bussiness meeting where I gave my testimony for the first time.
In the activity.  Nobody took photos of my speech but here's a peak of the meeting.
My neko wish you a great Christmas and the most wonderful New Years. Love: Kiwi chan & Sharlene
I got darker for exercising in the beach. Herbalife style had extremely fun!
Oh! In Victoria Secret Pink.
I'm on the road...
Herbalife beach workout team group photo. Hope more friends will join to have fun.
Was on the beach working out. I almost fainted! They even made sign something that say "We are not responsible if you die". So hardcore!
Happy Me! Parts of my new hair cut.
With my new best friend! Met her in Herbalife!
Woo! Herbalife meeting with Luigi Gratton!!!
Sexy legs at beauty salon. Sorry no skin. XD
I made healthy dinner for my family! This is just some parts of dinner. They have to accept the fact I must only eat healthy food because I'm going to work in a nutrition club. Hard work but it will b
Didn't expected this. For working? Cool!
I can see change! Hopefully I have more process. Well let's see if party gets any better.
I'm ready for my first business meeting with a company! Toki toki suru! (^_^)☆
In Le Outside.
I'm out! Hanging! Never thought I will get out a lot! Happy Night! ♡
Poor doody he is sooo tired. Choco- doggy name.
I have a new hope and a new shinning star. I'll start over with myself and transform completely in September. I will always wish and pray to my star. ☆♡★
It's extremely hot in Puerto Rico. People can't stop sweating and can't stop yelling in Spanish: "Que Calor!!!" now I'm in Home Made Kazoku hot hot mode!
Kevin Woo answered! But fortunately he doesn't do replies only general, but he did answer. XD
Now I'm editing in class, random model, I love my results, still in process.
I'm not suppose to be Twitting. But I hate doing this work with numbers, accounting. So I'm using my imagination to make it more fun apparently it's working for now...

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