Ah, here's the culprit. Not Bloomberg mailing it in, responding with total hauteur. It was this sign #blizzard
These poor folks have one of the city's few garages. That's their car stuck in the snowbank outside it #blizzard
This is 69th St between Lex and Park. No sand, salt, plow; intersection piles so high nobody's even driven on it
It becomes more and more evident this is NYC's worst response to snow since '69. 3rd Av still untouched #blizzard
KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 11: 59th St Bridge With Blowing Snow Behind It #blizzard
KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 10: Clouds Of Blowing Snow Visible - From Queens #blizzard
KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 9: Not That Much Clearance #blizzard
KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 8: Ample Parking Day And Night #blizzard
KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 7: A Reminder - As The Bus Burned #blizzard
KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 6: Burned Bus, 2nd View #blizzard
KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 5: The Burned Bus #blizzard
KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 4: Same Scene, Reversed Angle #blizzard
KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 3: The Bus Chaos. Burned Hampton Jitney At Right
KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 2: At Least The Police Can... Never mind
Now it's beginning to show up, but the issue here is still 90% wind 10% snow
Not much to see here yet, Snowpocalyptically speaking. Still counting # of flakes not # of inches
And as I wish you all a Merry Christmas, I cheated and opened one of my gifts early. Isn't this nice of Dave?
A little "art" - uptown 6 train roars into 42nd Street, Christmas Eve 2010
Interior of Grand Central, just before the rush, Christmas Eve 2010
Chrysler Building, Christmas Eve 2010
Grand Central Terminal, looking particularly pink on Christmas Eve 2010
42nd Street, Shadows and Sun, Christmas Eve 2010
THE New York Public Library, Christmas Eve 2010
This is my favorite tree in Central Park: Stan. Stan waves like crazy during summer

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