Work  … but my weekend starts in 12 hrs and I'm looking to break this in.
At work early with some quality reading material, thanks to  @AriannyCeleste
#nowplaying ♬ 'Billionaire (feat. Bruno Mars)' - Travie McCoy ♪
I wanna say sumtn wise to this goofball and his dad so bad. #Fuckouttahere with that Yankee hat.
Got my #supreme hat!!!  It fits my dome piece a lil snug but I'll make it work.
New preme bottle opener
RIP to the caprice 
Jager RT @dunn_dudda Jager bombs?
♬ 'Shots' - LMFAO & Lil Jon ♪ #nowplaying
Tonight I'm gonna be drinking…
Red cheeks and arms. Sunburns suck. Whitepeopleshit.
Tonight in gonna drink…
@GeoTheRibManFN right?  I don't want it to not fit though. I think it'll match these nice.
Soooo bored…so I figured I'd FINALLY UNds these and wear them around the house.
I want this hat but if I get it and my heads too big Ima be very angry.
#Goodmorning Boston
#nowplaying ♬ 'Favorite DJ' - @ClintonSparks ♪
#nowplaying ♬ 'Numb / Encore' - Jay-Z & Linkin Park ♪
#todayskicks unhemps
#nowplaying ♬ 'I'm Shipping Up to Boston' - Dropkick Murphys ♪

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Sean Erc

Dorchester, mass

Boston sports fan. I likes to party and I picture my Jesus wearing a tuxedo t-shirt


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