Good Morning! 
On the forecast?
Me and God rockin' this day!
Wanna join? 

♬ 'Can't Shut Up' - Anthem Lights ♪
Getting ready for a luncheon. The soothing song helps my hair;) ♬ 'I See the Light' - Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi ♪
Driving home to ♬ 'Can't Shut Up' - Anthem Lights ♪
Readying for work. ♬ 'Glow' - Britt Nicole ♪
Readying for work. ♬ 'Glow' - Britt Nicole ♪
Since all my friends are talking about "Tangled"... Yeah. ♬ 'When Will My Life Begin' - Mandy Moore ♪
What's up with me? #btr this early?! And #Christmas music?! #loveit ♬ 'All I Want for Christmas' - Big Time Rush ♪
And for a happier note. What I'm listening to. On repeat. 
♬ 'When Will My Life Begin' - Mandy Moore ♪
♬ 'I Refuse' - Josh Wilson ♪  #nowplaying
♬ 'The Lost Get Found' - Britt Nicole ♪ #nowplaying
Here! So you can see! Before she put olive oil and fresh thyme on it and stuck it in the oven ^_^

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Keviana Elliot

Lubbock, Texas

I am ordinary chosen by Divine. I am flawed kissed by Perfection. I am weakness cherished by Beautiful. I am me saved by God.



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