I love this. Wish I did something this creative.
@danadearmond I'm right there with ya sister!
My dog is currently snoring on my lap. Guess I won't be moving for a while.
Best conversation I've had in a long time.....
My boobs are taking over the world!
Happy #AssWednesday
@LeyaFalcon @DrOz
@MissCelesteStar get with the times. Lol haha
I cut off a shit ton of hair today & it's still this long. No extensions necessary. #LongHairDontCare #WeaveFree
@VPI Meet Buddha!
@fclousotxxx You know how I love to toss salad!
@LeyaFalcon @droz We love Dr. Oz!
I don't think this bra fits...
@kaylani_lei You have to try this! It's sooooo good. #CerealPorn
@LeyaFalcon So true....
Apparently my boobs are just there for catching pho. I need a bib. #MessyBitch
@CharmaneStar Oh no!! You need to get a magna doodle so people know what you're saying.  Lolz
Just takin a load off. #comfy
I'm baaaaaack!! #HelloLA
Just watched a show about "rubber dolling" just when you think you've seen it all....
And my boobs....the Xmas weight definitely went to my boobs too
I think most of this holiday weight has gone straight to my ass. #RealDeal

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